Our custom design process can be as simple, or as involved as the project demands. We keep a large selection of gems in the shop, which you can view in person, or we're happy to e-mail images. There's a large unpublished photo collection of past custom creations. If you see a design on the site that is of interest, send us an email and we're happy to send more info, more possibilities, and suggestions to make it your own.

Design is the driving force and framework for each piece. We take in to consideration what you do for a living, your personal style and how you go about your day. There's a woodgrain ring for the carpenters, lots of astronomical and astrological options. Humor, sophistication and of course  "a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom".

We do our best to educate you (but hopefully not overwhelm) on all the metal information, gemstone and diamond possibilities. There's more info about where it all comes from to make sure you (WE) are not wrecking the planet, taking advantage of unfair labor conditions, being general assholes of industry, etc.. To keep you covered we pay extra attention to where our materials are sourced, and the companies with whom we do business.  Our pieces are produced with 100% recycled precious metals. We also source our diamonds and colored stones from local vendors whenever possible, repurposed, Canadian ethically sourced, and manmade diamonds, sapphires mined in Montana and faceted in Seattle. 

Based on materials, size, and market price we give you a detailed itemized estimate.  You can take an hour, a day, a week, as long as you need for all the info to take root and weed out what you don't want in a custom piece, and crystallize what is perfectly right for you; or your significant other. Then a deposit is taken on the estimate, pricing is finalized and we get underway.

Time frames vary, from overnight on a very simple in stock resize, up to six weeks for more elaborate designs. The usual is about 4 weeks from date of order. We can usually accommodate a rush order, just contact the shop for details. A 20% rush fee may apply.