Q:How do I find my ring size, or guess my partners?

A: We recommend this Fancy RING SIZING CHART- or measure inside diameter of an existing ring (in mm please). Sally the owner is an OLD pro, and can tell most sizes on sight, bring in your partner or your hand and we can play name that size. Also we have measuring devices. One of our favorite sneaky tricks for ring gifting, take the chosen one's existing rings, and push it down onto a tapered candle and make a little dent where the ring hits, mail or bring said candle into shop for accurate measurements.

Q: Can I bring in old jewelry and have it made into something else? How about broken chains? And a name necklace that my high school boyfriend gifted?

A: YES!  We love to recycle, and do it on a continual basis with all the precious metal scraps in the work shop. There are a few ways to go about it, either we melt your exact metal into the new design- a little trickier, but if it's sentimental and you want to keep the jewels in the family, recommended. OR we give you a credit based on weight and the current gold market, the credit is then applied to your custom order or chosen stock purchase at Fancy. Stones can be either returned, recycled, or re-used.

Q: My grandmother gave me a crazy big diamond cocktail ring, can you please help turn it into a wearable piece that doesn't look like something Erica Cain or Joan Collins would sport?

A: Of course! That's our favorite kind of project- we love a challenge, and our minimal aesthetic can make a modern piece out of the most grandma-riffic ring.